Why are steroids Dangerous

When it comes to body building a lot of people often want change fast. So instead of getting the results they want the hard way they often times look to other resources that will make them gain quick muscle. Or some people that play sports for example want to use steroids as a competitive edge over their competition. Some think that it helps them recover quick but as the good saying goes, not everything that worth having comes quickly. And as for some people they get the results yes but they often times don't realize the side affects that come with it. Below I will tell you the side affects of steroid use and why it is dangerous. 

1. Steroid use can lead to the abuse of drugs. Some of the side affects of steroid use are so disruptive that people turn to opiate drugs such as cocaine to relive them of their distress. 
2. Anabolic steroids can permanently disrupt normal development. A person's body and brain are still developing during the adolescence and into their early twenties. Steroids interfere with the normal effects of sex hormones. Most of these changes are irreversible. 
3. Steroids can lead to behavioral changes such as hostility, aggression and depression. Even when people stop using steroids these changes can continue on. 
4. Steroids promote heart disease , heart attacks, and strokes even with athletes that are under the age of 30. The drugs can cause blood filled cysts in the liver that can burst and cause internal bleeding. 
5. In men some of the side affects are baldness, headaches, development of breasts, shrinkage of testicles, enlarged prostate, reduced sperm count. 
6. In women it can cause increased facial hair, deepened voice, reduced breast size, enlarged clitoris and menstrual problems. 

If you are reading this and had the idea of taking steroids, I would highly recommend you do your research and think about if you want to take on some of these issues that come with it.


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