What does it take to exercise safely?

Exercise related injuries have risen over the years. I believe one of the reasons this is the case is because more people are becoming more curious about working out and having better overall health. But this issue is that some people jump right into working out without actually learning the proper way to workout. There is a lot more too it than just going to the gym and lifting a few weights or copying what other people are doing. That is how you end up injuring yourself. But to reduce your risk of exercise injuries I want to give you the necessary steps to take when you first start out going to the gym. 

Warm up properly before your workout 

A proper warm up consists of two phases, a general warm up and a specific warm up. In a general warm up your goal is to warm up the body 5-10 minutes of light physical activity you will be performing during your workout. During this period of time you are preparing your body to withstand the more vigorous workout to come. Your body will get warmer and your blood flow will increase which will improve your muscle elasticity. 

During a specific warm up your goal is to focus on the particular muscle groups that you will be using during the activity set. This part of the workout should consist of three to five minutes of range of motion movements. 

2. Cool down properly after your workout 

I know for myself it is often times difficult for me to remember this step. Playing college basketball I often times after practice or after my workouts in the weight room I just wanted to rush to the shower and not even think about cooling down after my workout. The purpose of a cool down is to bring your heart rate, breathing rate, and temperature closer to resting levels. An example of a cool down can be in you just jogged for 20 minutes you can do 10 minutes of walking. 

3. Take the time to porperly learn the skills for your chosen activity 

This is where a lot of people get injured the most. They YouTube "how to get stronger legs" and 9 times out of 10 a demonstration video of someone squatting will appear. But what the person watching the video doesn't really realize is that before you squat you have to make sure you have the proper form. So if someone who has never squatted before watches a video and then attempts to go to this workout, there is a high possibility that someone can hurt their back. So this is why I suggest learning the proper way to do a workout before you perform it is a major key in being injury free in the weight room. 

4. Consume enough energy and water for exercise 

Deciding how much you need to eat and drink before working out can be difficult. You need enough energy to workout but you should not exercise on a full stomach. Eating a small meal 2 hours before you workout is a good way to make sure you have enough energy. It is also important to make sure you hydrate before you workout. You do not want to go into your workout feeling thirsty and the more you sweat during your workout make sure you are replenishing yourself with water. 

Hopefully all of these tips will make your transition into working out easier and you will be more comfortable in taking the precautionary steps to having a safe workout. If you have any questions feel free to visit my website and contact me 


Coach Q

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