Should you count yoga as a workout?

From the outside looking in yoga used to be looked down upon. I know I used to think that it was only for women because when I would look through the glass and see the people doing it that’s all I would see. It was almost considered sissy like for a man to be in a yoga class but now times have changed. Now that men are starting to see the benefits from yoga it has started too make it become more popular. Now yoga classes are very diversified and more welcoming to all ages and genders. Now the question that I have come across, is yoga considered a workout? 

With the various different yoga programs out there there are numerous ways that yoga can be considered a workout. There are programs that challenge your strength and endurance. Eventually though you may want to incorporate different exercises to strengthen your upper body. One of the main downsides of yoga is it doesn’t include any upper-body pulling movements (such as pull ups and bent-over rows). Yoga may also offer balance, mobility and flexibility benefits. 

Ultimately yoga can be considered a good workout but I wouldn’t rely on it for your strength training. Yoga is good for relaxing the body and allowing you to become flexible and use parts of your body you wouldn’t necessarily use during a normal workout.