Benefits of positive affirmations

I've been blessed to be in a position where I know a lot of successful people and when I ask them how they became successful they all shared one common thing, Positive  affirmations.  Keeping a positive mindset in a situation where you have all negativity going on around you can be a very difficult thing to do. One thing that they all shared with me and something I even implement to my life as well is very simple. Everyday I wake up I write out what I call my gratitude list or simply put things that I am grateful for. One of my mentors which happens to be a millionaire told me this " Q I know people that have everything they want in life and they are still not happy. One thing that keeps me grounded is knowing how grateful I am of the little things in life". So many people often overlook the simple things in life such as the food they eat, the clothes on their back, the place they call home or even shoes on their feet. People get so caught up in the things life throws at us and were often sad and unhappy or depressed. Now my routine is simple, I wake up at 3 am say my prayer, and simply write out the things I'm grateful for before I even look at my phone. Doing this allows you ease your mind without being hassled of any stress or depression you may feel. And throughout the day to keep those positive affirmations in your mind simply take a picture of the list that your grateful for and simply reread It throughout the day. Try this and let me know how it works for you!