Protect your energy

As I turned 24 this past Sunday, one of the tips of advice that I've learned especially later in my life is that you have to protect your energy and be careful on who your giving your time and energy too. People are too often trying to impress or get people to like them that don't simply give two fu*ks about them. It's a cold world and regardless of how real and authentic somebody may seem, at the end of the day for the majority of the time they are going to do what's best for them no matter what. Yes you have people in this world who are true and authentic and it's very rare that you run into these type of people so when you do don't ruin that but I'm talking to the people who are having their energy drained everyday doing things for people but never taking time out to do things for themselves.You run around making everybody elses life happy but at the end of the day when it's time to settle down you're miserable, depressed and don't know who or where to turn to because the same people who you are helping out never lend you a helping hand when you need it. I can relate to this because this use to be me that was until I put myself first. I cut myself off from everyone who I thought was benefiting from just being around me. And when I did this I saw how people's motives were starting to change. It's always love when they see me but in the back of there mind I know it's something more that they're trying to get out of me. I've worked to hard within a year to build myself up to a point where know my name rings bells. From the podcast, to the book, to my clothing brand, to getting my real estate license I did all of this in a year, all because I cut away from the bull shit and focused on what's most important in my life which is making myself happy. People think I'm cocky or arrogant because I don't come around which is not the case at all. I just have a different drive and ambition which hanging out with the people who have been in the same position for 5 years is not going to help me. This is why I don't party, I don't drink or smoke, I stay away from the places where everyone is at because at the end of the day I know my time on earth is limited and whenever my time comes to leave this earth, I want to know that I left a legacy for my wife and kids that they will be taken care of and remember forever. Watch the people around you, just because people say they are there for you, sometimes aren't and they are only there for another motive. I don't watch people's words I watch actions. Moral of the story protect your energy and watch how your life changes for the better.