Ever wonder what happens to your body when you have a hangover?

A lot of people don’t realize what is happening to their body when they are having a hangover. They often times just suffer through the symptoms and hope for the best without actually realizing what is wrong with their body. Well today I want to break down each body part that is affected by a hangover and help you understand it more. 

When you have a hangover one of the first things that are affected is your head. One of the major issues that occurs is dehydration. The large amount of alcohol upsets the production of vasopressin which is a hormone that controls the fluid balance. This often leads to your head aching the next day. 

The next thing that is affected as you may know is your liver. The liver can only detox one drink per hour. Often times people make the mistake of when they feel the headache they look for something to relive the pain such as a Tylenol. Which in most cases Tylenol is a very good pain reliever but when it is from a hangover , when you mix Tylenol and alcohol your liver is forced to work overtime straining to metabolize both substances. 

Lastly your stomach is one of the most prominent things that you might notice when you have a hangover. Spiked drinks of any kind irritate the stomach which is why if you drank too much the thought of food or eating food night make you feel sick. Some of the foods I’d suggest eating to help you ease a hangover are bananas, eggs, watermelon, pickles. crackers or nuts. 

Now I know nobody’s goal is to ever get a hangover but in the end it may happen to the best of us. So if this happens to you the best solution I can give you is to let time take it’s course and to stay hydrated. I would suggest drinking plenty of water and to get as much rest as possible.