Benefits of nofap

Benefits of NoFap 

Fellas I wanted to touch on this subject because I think this is something that a lot of you may be dealing with and having struggles with. When you watch porn and jerk off you are actually lowering your testosterone levels. Your semen literally has nutrients and vitamins in it that you need to be a man. Women can sense a man’s masculine energy from a mile away but when you masturbate your limiting yourself from certain options. When you masturbate you’re not at your strongest, ever think why after you masturbate you feel tired? It’s because you’re emptying yourself of the nutrients that men need to have. Now in order to fix this you need to have goals and aspirations that your passionate about and translate that energy that you spend jerking off towards that goal. I know some of you will spend hours at a time watching porn but just imagine taking that time and putting it towards a business you want to start or hitting the gym. This is called SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION. I only know this because it is something that I used to do myself. But once I was able to restrain from it and put my energy towards the weight room and basketball my life started to change. I had a different swagger about myself and quite frankly when I walked into any room I owned it. My confidence level was and still is through the roof. And I would say restraining from porn had a lot to do with this because I know after I would masturbate my testosterone level was low and I wasn’t motivated to do anything at all. All I wanted to do was take a nap after and when I woke up half my day was already over. A number of things will improve when you stop jerking off to porn. Some of these things are you will have improved confidence, your motivation to get things done will improve, your sex life will improve and lastly your all around aura will improve. You should want to be the most masculine version of yourself but can’t be the masculine version of yourself if your beating your meat and watching porn. How do you expect for you to walk into a room and have women feel your energy when all your energy is being wasted on porn all day? This dampens your masculine energy and it’s something that as a man you should pay attention too. Now if you find this to be you I’m not saying to go cold turkey and stop watching porn because you will relapse but I am suggesting too limit the amount of times you watch it gradually and eventually it will become easier for you to control yourself.