How to stay motivated for the gym

A lot of people often ask me how do they stay motivated for the gym and I often start to ask them numerous questions such as, what is their reason for going to the gym or how many days do they go to the gym. Often times when you break down these questions you will soon start to realize the reason why people are lacking motivation for the gym. Below I will give you some key tips that will help you stay motivated throughout your journey. 

One of the things that you will soon realize that is a major key to staying motivated for the gym is that you have to have a reason on why you want to get into the gym. Whether it is wanting to lose weight or simply doing it for yourself to gain more confidence you have to have that reason engraved in your mind. Because trust me, there will be days when you just want to forget about the gym, Your body will be aching and you will be you will need that extra boost of motivation which will come from having the reason why you want to go in the first place. Playing basketball all my life I had to learn this lesson early. One of the things my dad always told me when I didn’t want to get in the gym is you can either be like everyone else and do what is required and leave or you can want to be the best and do what others won’t do. And that is what drove me to stay consistent and wake up at 5am every morning and not miss a workout. 

Another thing that will help you stay consistent is by doing workouts that you enjoy doing. If you hate the treadmill do another form of cardio and if you hate lifting weights then do body weight training, there is always an alternative that you can do to get around something that you hate doing. But the key is to not get emotionally drained because you will eventually tap out mentally and dread the gym and once you get to this point it is a hard place to turn back from. 

Lastly I think a key to staying motivated for the gym is having someone that will hold you accountable. Whether it is your friends or a trainer like myself I think when people have someone that will hold them up to a certain standard then it will be hard to let that person down. So you will make sure that you get the workouts in and stay consistent and be true to yourself.

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