The importance of patience

A lot of people including myself make decisions off of emotions instead of logic. A lot of times we set plans and tell ourselves that we have a set goal but then when things don't go our way we take our eyes off of our plans and tend to do things for temporary satisfaction. All of my life this has been my weakness. God knew that when he put me on this earth that this would be my weakness. I hate when things don't go my way and especially when things are out of my control. 

When I look back at my life if I were to practice patience I feel like a lot of things would have been different. Simply looking at my basketball career after my junior year of college I told my parents that I wanted to transfer to the school that I played against that year but the reasoning that I wanted to leave was the wrong one. I had just the best year of my career my family and everyone close to me was telling me to stay there because now I had everything I ever wanted. But because of my greed and wanting to have more of a social life I transferred and ended up being injured my whole senior year. Now was this a sign from the man above telling me to listen to him instead of moving on my emotions? Maybe it was but the point of me telling you this is that I made a decision based off of my emotions instead of thinking logically and now my path of becoming a pro basketball player has become harder because of my injuries. 

Now I know at times when we set goals for ourselves we often get put in tough situations where something happens suddenly and we have to make decisions right then and there but I'm talking about when there is no rush to make a decision and you're making decisions because your impatient. And yes I know sometimes it hurts to wait but trust me if you can endure the pain that comes with this the blessing on the other side will be worth the wait. 

Being around my mentor we talk about things like this everyday and he simply tells me it doesn't matter what they think right now, it's all about the end goal and as long as you work towards that everyday and put your head down and chip away one day you will look up and your goal will be attainable. 

Writing things like this is tough for me because it is something I am constantly dealing with on a day to day basis and the only way for you to know how to truly get through something like this is personal experience. But if I can help you avoid missing out on your blessing and show you that in order to achieve some of the great things in life you sometimes have to wait it out. People will lie on you, talk about you, laugh at you, tell you it is not possible but if you believe in yourself and make yourself your biggest critic I promise you will get everything you want in life. 

If you are reading this right now, you are alive and breathing which means you're on this earth for a purpose. Go out and fulfill it everyday 

I love y'all 


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