Foods for your body

I wanted to make a post about different foods that benefit different body parts. Often times when people think about foods they never think about how one particular food will benefit them. Growing up people use to say eating carrots will help my eye vision but it wasn't until I actually did some research that I realized that they actually do. By incorporating different types of fruits, starches, veggies, nuts, and protein you will have your bases covered and will be feeling great! Below I will breakdown it all to you 

Food for healthy hair- Salmon( omega-3's build brain & Nerve cells which are essential for learning and your memory), nuts ( Vitamin E shields cells from free radical damage), berries ( antioxidants fight stress and can improve memory) 

Healthy eyes- Eggs (lutein & Vitamin A which protect eyes & support function) Citcrus foods (Contain Vitamin C which lowers risks of cataracts) pistachios (Vitamin E boost eye health) 

Healthy lungs - Green tea ( Quercetin acts as a natural antihistamine, Broccoli ( glucosinolates which have been shown to fight off cancer and lung cancer) 

Healthy skin- Sweet potatoes ( beta-carotene helps to protect skin from sun damage) Walnuts (fatty acids for healthy skin) Broccoli ( Sulforaphane which protects skin 

Healthy Muscles - Chicken ( high protein great source of B vitamins, Beans (good source of plant based protein), yogurt ( Fast digesting whey protein) 

Hopefully you find this blog helpful and will help you have a better understanding of your body.