Avoiding injures while running on the treadmill

Over the years people have come up with many different ways to increase their cardio but one method that has stayed the same is the treadmill. I see it all the time people will be on their for hours at a time killing themselves only to find out the next day that they can't even walk because their knees are bothering them. Trust me I've been there and done it but I want to help you. Below I will give you some ways to avoid injuries while using a treadmill. 

One of the key essential things that people don't realize when they are running on a treadmill is their posture. Having good posture is essential for proper muscle conditioning. It is important that your body is in a natural position and that your joints are not overextended which would make them under more stress than they should be. 

Another key thing that will help you avoid injuries is to minimize your impact while running. It is ideal that people who run on the treadmill should rotate their pelvis with each stride. This way it allows your hip to be pulled back with your leg allowing rotation for the entire lower body. This method allows your body to absorb most of the shock when your feet hit the belt. Also it is important to make sure that your stride is quick and short. 

Furthermore, you should listen to your body when running on a treadmill. People often think "if I run on a treadmill I will lose a bunch a of weight" so this thought will drive people to push their body farther than they should and can cause strained muscles or shin splints. It is important when first starting off that you start slow and moderately increase the speed to get your body used to working out. If your body doesn't feel right that day do not force it it is okay so take a day off and rest. 

Lastly I would suggest wearing proper shoes when running on the treadmill. Your shoes should fit properly on your feet and should be able to absorb shock. This will prevent less of an impact on your knees. Also if you can get you a pair that is designed for running specifically.