Overcoming common Obstacles to exercise

There are many excuses people make for not being able to go to the gym. Often times its just due to laziness and other times it is due to lack of motivation. But the purpose of this post is to give you a list of strategies for overcoming the common obstacles to exercise. 

Obstacle: Lack of time 

One way to get over this is too monitor your daily activities for one week. Then identify three 30-minute time slots you could use for physical activity. 

Add physical activity to your daily routine can be another way to get around this excuse. When I first wake up in the morning I do my morning routine then I go and do 200 pushups and 200 sit ups before I even start my day. That way if I do not have time to get to the gym that day at least I put in the work early in the day. 

Obstacle: Lack of social support 

You want to surround yourself with people that can motivate you to be the best version of you. If you mention to your friends that you want to start going to the gym and eating healthy and they constantly are eating junk food around you and are just being fat and lazy you may have to distance yourself from around them for a while and find friends or people that have the same goals and aspirations as you. 

Obstacle: Lack of energy 

When it comes to changing and working out, if you listen to your body you will never have the energy to get up and get it done. I know some of you that are reading this will set your alarm for 8 Am and you hit snooze about 4 times and that turns into 9Am and now you have to get up and do other obligations. So the time you set aside for the gym is now wasted and gone because you decided to listen to your body and sleep. When your driven and motivated to get the results you want, of course you may lack energy and be tired but you have to make up in your mind that you are going to get this thing done regardless of how tired you feel. 

Obstacle: Scared of what people think of you 

One of the biggest things that I tell some of my clients is don’t worry about what other people think about you at the gym. They are there for the same reasons you are there. A lot of times people get too caught up and embarrassed if they are doing something wrong or what they might think about them if they are not doing enough weight. Whether you are 400 lb or 60 lb if your in the gym forget what others think. You have goals and aspirations that you need to accomplish. You will never get these things done think about what another person thinks about you. 

Obstacle: Family Obligations 

If you literally have no time to go to the gym then go to five below or a store like that and buy a yoga mat a medicine ball and some dumbells and resitant bands. You can workout right at home. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to put your health first and get things done. Everytime I hear somebody say that there is no time on their hands I know that they are not serious about their health because there are always solutions to these problems. 

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